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Announcing the
Self Tenure Community
The world's only online business
community for academics looking
to achieve entrepreneurial self tenure.
What is Self Tenure? 

A permanent position of freedom where academics, researchers and scholars can choose:

• Which projects to work on,
• What careers to pursue,
• How they get to live their life,
• And what impact they want to make in the world.

Funded through running one or more profitable online businesses...

Academics like us will change the world!
Opened August 15, 2020  |  SelfTenure.com
Why Should You Join Us?
Here's What Makes This Community Different ...
  • Learn from other academics running successful five & six figure businesses
  • Don't be left guessing - get your questions answered fast in the forum
  • Get support & accountability in small, curated mastermind groups
  • Monthly training on topics most relevant to you and your business
If you have questions about:
- Increasing web traffic
- Content marketing
- Selling and sales processes
- Business systems
- Pricing your offer
- Mindset and productivity
Get them answered in the self tenure community!
  • No more spending days, weeks (years?) trying to figure this out alone
  • No more stress and anxiety questioning if you are doing the right thing
  • Just a safe place to grow your business and achieve your dreams
Here's what you can expect
How We Support You!

     Exclusive Community Forum     
- Progress Journal
- Tools & Frameworks
- Website and offer review requests
- Monthly book club discussion
- And much more

     Monthly Training & Support   
Stuck? Just ask! We'll answer your toughest questions and develop training for you inside the community at no extra cost.
     Mastermind Groups (optional)   
If you're looking for more support and accountability get placed in a small mastermind group with your peers. Connect, learn, and grow together to fast-track your results.
+ BONUS: Private Coaching with Chris
One-on-one text-based coaching inside the community.
But We Need Your Help...
To make this group sustainable, we can only launch if we need as many members as possible.
On August 15 we closed the doors to the community. Join the waiting list below to find out first when we reopen the community!
Who is This Community For?
  • Undergraduate & Graduate Students
  • Full/Part Time Academics & Researchers
  • Freelancers, AltAcs and Business Owners
That want to...
That want to...
  • Take Action
  • Build a Profitable Business
  • Help Others & Change the World
Say 'Hi' to Some of Our Members!
"Even after being in business for over a year now, I still haven't found a community that connects me with other entrepreneurial academics. 

That's why joining STC was a no brainer for me! I am excited to dive deep on business-related topics and scale my business alongside other STC members."

Cheryl Lau

Social Work Researcher
Brand & Content Strategy

"Chris has guided me through a massive transformation in my business through one-on-one coaching, which I never would have done successfully without his help. He goes above and beyond to bring incredible value to everyone he interacts with so I know the Self-Tenured Community is going to be phenomenal. I'm most looking forward to participating in a mastermind group with other entrepreneurs who share my background, using the excellent tools that Chris has built, and sharing my hard-won insight with the other members.

Dr. Emily Roberts

PhD Biomedical Engineering
Personal Finance Speaker, Courses and Coaching 

"I joined STC because this is the first time I've seen a community built specifically for entrepreneurial academics.

I'm looking forward to learning from everyone and helping others make an impact through their business!"

Brittany Trinh

STEM Researcher
Academic Website Development & Design
"Starting your entrepreneurial journey can feel incredibly lonely, until you find an academic group like this one. You aren't alone in wanting to build your business. It was through communities like Self-Tenure that helped me build my business into what it is today. I always grew it as a side hustle until I knew I wanted to leave academia for good! The support of community made the leap feel less scary! Join us today!"

Dr. Caitlin Faas

PhD Human Development and Family Studies
Certified Life and Weight Coach

"I am so excited to be a part of this community. Previously, I've struggled with conceptualizing what exactly it is I can offer and how it aligns with my skills and passions.

I am really looking forward to sharing and learning with a group of academics from diverse backgrounds sharing similar goals.

Heather Woods

PhD Candidate, Social and Emotional Learning
SEL-In-Action.com and Out-Of-The-Woods.ca
Unfortunately, the doors to the
community have closed...

Be the first to know
when the community reopens
by signing up below!

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Is there a cheaper option?
A: No. There is no cheaper option

Q: What happens if I don't buy before August 15, 2020?
A: You will miss your chance to lock in the presale membership price. The community will be closed for at least three months and the price will increase when it opens next later in 2020 or early 2021.

Q: Is there a guarantee?
A: We can guarantee the value in the group. However, we cannot guarantee results. If you apply the actions suggested by Chris and other members of the community you should make significant headway in your business. If you don't feel you are getting value from the community you can request a full refund by September 15, 2020. You have no risk to getting started.

Q: Who is ideally suited for this community?
A: The community will focus on both high support and high results for its members. Undergraduate students, graduate students, academics, researchers, freelancers, alternative academic business owners, science communicators, academic adjacent, traditional tenure track professors and graduates who have transitioned to industry are all a good fit for the community.

Q: Who is ideally not-suited for this community?
A. People who have never completed an undergraduate or graduate degree, people who will not take action on the lessons shared, and people who have not started a website or online business are discouraged from joining. For the latter: 1. Search how to start a blog on youtube and 2. Create a website based on a video you find. Once this is complete you should be ready to join the community.

Q: I'm not ready. What do I need to join?
A: Similar to the above. Community members should have already started a website or online business idea. If you have done this but are stuck on moving forward, you are ideally suited for the community as you will get results rapidly. If you have started getting traction, are running a successful side-business or full time gig, congrats! You are likely to significantly improve your business through the community, training and mastermind opportunities offered in STC.

Still have questions? Email me directly at [email protected]

I am here to help with making the best decision for you!
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